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As you may already know, Habitat for Humanity is an organization dedicated to the production of decent, affordable housing for low income families.

What's this got to do with your business? Send us a group of your staff and we'll put them to work building a house. Trying to create a team? Don't hire a fancy consultant! Use us!

Many companies recognize that benefits from partnering with Habitat may include tax deductions and a favorable community image, but another perk, improved morale, is often unanticipated. "A lot of what motivates any company is that you've got to give back to the community," says Sheri Thomas, a Citigroup volunteer programs manager in Jacksonville, Fla. People feel good about where they work when their company works with non-profits. Hundreds of Citigroup employees have volunteered on Habitat homes.

If your staff can hold a hammer, or even a pair of scissors, we'll train them. Whatever their role in your company, from boss to bus-boy, they'll work side by side on a project that will help a local family in the most concrete way: building them the home they deserve. We'll even take their pictures for the local paper!

Small businesses can get in on the ground floor too. Ask us about our co-sponsorship program. If you are interested, please contact us at 536-1333 or by e-mail at info@pemivalleyhabitat.org



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