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Pemi-Valley Habitat (PVH) was started by Ashland resident Susan Wei and other members of the Plymouth community in 1985. The local founders were inspired by several presentations and dialog with Millard and Linda Fuller (Habitat’s Founders) before the Fullers went to Africa in 1973 (Click on “More on Habitat International” for more information).

PVH was originally a chapter of New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity, the umbrella for all Habitat activities in the state in the early years. Each chapter was semi-autonomous, but there was one state board which managed all contributions. On January 1, 1994, PVH became an affiliate of Habitat International and has operated directly under its guidelines and policies ever since, and accepting its donations directly.

The first project was rehabilitation work for an area resident in 1985. PVH built its first new house from 1986-88 in Ashland on donated land. From 1989 to 1998, the affiliate built nine houses, moved one and renovated a third.

In 2000, PVH had a “banner year” in which it finished one home and built two more under special programs; one was a “sponsored” house for which the construction was managed and funded by CCI (an area construction firm) and the Common Man Family of Restaurants. The other house was a Governor’s/First Lady’s Build featuring assistance from then-Governor Jean Shaheen. HFHI partially sponsored one of these builds in each state, and PVH was invited to do New Hampshire’s. PVH employed a female construction supervisor and had over 90 women volunteer along with men.

At about this time, many long-standing board members’ terms were complete and there was a large turnover in board membership. In 2001, one moved house was completed and in 2003 a new home was completed that had been in the works for a couple of years. In 2004, the Board hired a part-time Administrative Assistant to help with some of the Board’s administrative functions. The affiliate was back “up to speed” in 2004 and 2005 with one house completed by Christmas each year. No build took place in 2006, due to lack of available land. Once PVH was able to purchase some reasonably price property, building was back to a regular schedule, with homes completed in 2007, 2008, and 2009.

While the construction of homes is the most visible work of Habitat, and the area that takes the most volunteers and donations, there is a tremendous amount of work required by PVH’s Board and Committees. The Committees handle Family Selection, Family Partnership, Publicity, Fundraising, Volunteer coordination, Construction and Site Selection as well as Board nominations and Church Relations. The Board oversees committee work, sets Policy and makes strategic decisions.

The ingredients essential to PVH’s on-going success are: an inventory of affordable land, enthusiastic donors and volunteers and a supply of willing board and committee members to oversee the tasks of this mostly volunteer organization. Will you join us?

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