2009 - The Cummings Family

Our build on Old North Groton Rd in Rumney NH was completed in Dec of 2009. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, committee members, board members, the Cummings family was able to move in just before Christmas. A special thanks to Douglas N. Rand and Donna R. Dolben for their donation of land that made this build possible. The land was donated in memory of their late mother Erma S. Rand.

Chris and Jessica Cummings and their children Malachi 11 and Cassandra 4, were chosen from among the many candidate families interviewed by the family selection committee. Chris has lived in the Plymouth area for most of his life, and has worked as a Building Service Worker at Plymouth State University for almost 10 years. Jessica grew up throughout New England and currently works doing childcare. In their spare time they enjoy simple pleasures…mainly spending time together as a family.

During the building of their home, Chris and Jessica were diligent and enthusiastic workers, logging almost 3 times the hours that homeowners are required to work. They were known for their smiling faces and upbeat attitudes at the site. Although Malachi and Cassandra were not old enough to work on the house, they visited weekly to view the progress …especially on their rooms!

When asked what she was most looking forward to about her new home, Jessica laughed and replied “Windows!” (before moving in to their Habitat home, the family lived in an unfinished basement, with no view to the outside). “We are just so excited to have a home. We feel that it is a fresh start for our family. It will be so wonderful to have someplace that is all our own!” We at Pemi-Valley Habitat are excited too. The Cummings family has been a wonderful addition to our Habitat family.

We wanted to say thank you to each and every volunteer and supporter who helped this build a reality. Whether you’ve helped with a project, volunteered at the site, spent time on a committee, donated, or referred a family in need – we couldn’t have done it without you!

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