Don’t let your eyes deceive you….it IS spring!  Time to gear up for REnovating, REpurposing, REcycling, and REjuvenating you home. Regardless of whether you’re a “do-it-yourselfer” or you hire a contractor, you’ll be asking where you can find quality merchandise at affordable prices.

Pemi-Valley Habitat for humanity ReStore is your destination location for quality, gently-used products at 50-80% off retail. Not only do they have an array of building supplies, appliances, furniture and home goods, but they also are full of repurposing ideas for doors, windows, shutters, furniture, etc.

That architectural 6-panel door could make a statement as a headboard or room divider, and that small dresser or end table is asking to be transformed into a cushioned love seat or doggie bed. What about retrofitting those interesting wooden, ladder-back chairs with dog bowls in the seats for your large dog’s eating and drinking ease?

The ReStore is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 am until 5 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm for your convenience. Every day brings surprises as customers drop off interesting donations or they are picked up. Grandpas’ precious tools frequently find their way to the ReStore tool shed. Customers stop by regularly to find a rare or vintage hand tool.

Whether looking for a clean refrigerator, stove, a set of sturdy cabinets, a steel exterior door with decorative glass or that piece of furniture missing from your layout, check the ReStore’s eclectic selection regularly for that treasure.  They aren’t just a thrifty retail store,  your purchases directly support Habitat for Humanity’s mission of providing affordable housing to deserving families in the areas 14 communities.

Check them out on FaceBook for a quick glimpse of selected merchandise, clever repurposing ideas, and upcoming events.



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